Forgotten appointment

Well I had hoped to have an update on my bride but after spend a long weekend in Las Vegas she forgot she had made an appointment today so that delays the final fitting until Friday. At that time I will pin up a triple bustle back and that should be it.

Speaking of missed appointments, yesterday and today were full of them and why is it that clients get away with it? One client told me that she didn’t write it down so she didn’t have to appear…what? Two clients arrived without their checkbooks and no cash…what? Does this happen when they visit their hairdresser or dry cleaners or grocery store? My dentist tells me that some days at least 2 clients don’t show up and they are charged a fee…I can understand a dental visit being something to weasel out of but picking up altered clothes is not quite as painful.

When clients do manage to show up some are wearing NO UNDERWEAR. OK I understand this may be your lifestyle or you are doing your bit for the environment and saving water by not having to wash undies but clothes really do look better with them on especially bras.

One client asked me if her being naked bothered me…well no I answered, I was an Radiology Technologist in my previous life and saw numerous naked bodies but what I really wanted to know was why she felt free to trot around my room with her exposed va jay jay?

My husband says we are both lucky, we both work from home, (he is a writer in his own office), we have interesting clients and we don’t have to pay for this type entertainment and we get paid.

The other benefit is I get to see the latest trend in tattoos as well…have you ever seen a full dragon inked across a bride’s back just above her strapless dress??? It does take your breath away!

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