New Ingredients

A quirky English gentleman called me one day saying that he was referred to me as someone who likes challenges. That word just gives me goosebumps as it could mean anything from adding pockets to camouflage hunting gear to remodeling a wedding dress. So I take the bait and ask what he has in mind.

His says his dream has always been to have someone make a full length robe and hat from a genuine Pendleton blanket so he could sit outside in his patio on the chilly mornings and read the paper and be toasty.The fortunate thing is that he has a very old raggedy robe that I can use as a pattern. So we agree this is something that may be possible but he has to order the wool blanket from the warehouse and we will go from there once I know how much fabric we will need.

I realize that he has a sense of humor when he says that this robe will last a lifetime and as he is retired he can plan to wear the robe in his coffin. Then he adds that where he is headed, he won’t be needing to wear anything for warmth. Check out all the possibilities on the Pendleton blanket links and next time I will have photos of what he chose and the progress I make.

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