Puzzle pieces

Well have you seen all the blankets ? It seems that the one he chose has been discontinued so I will include some photos of the construction for you before the final big reveal.

The main challenge was using the blanket from edge to edge and not have side seams so the wool binding remained in tact. I wanted to cut the huge rolled collar all in one piece too so the binding could be attached. What it involved was asking the guru Kenneth D. King if this was possible and he guided me to his video on collars. Here is the photo of the layout using an extension both for length and width. The binding was removed from the selvage (edge of blanket) and re-sewn.

You can see the cutting line using the pins as a guide. My client wanted this collar are wide as I could get so he could open it up to flip up to cover his ears.

At this point I should say that the original robe was made out of a mohair which must have been very cozy at the time but all the hair was worn off and it was well loved. The belt was just a stringed affair and it had the original label from England where it was made and purchased.

You can get a better idea of the layout with the fold on the right side of the photo and the bound edges stacked on the left. Using this layout with no side seams and only making a dart under the arms allows this robe to be cut in one piece with that larger collar. The new robe will also be floor length with a matching tie belt and roll back cuffs.

Don’t you just love the blanket he chose?

More photos and more parts of the puzzle next time!

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