More parts

Let’s return to the robe construction, shall we?

Now I know some of you don’t sew but maybe you can get a kick out of the old plaid pieces of this old robe and understand what goes into a modern version. Speaking of sewing, last week I got a new client who wanted me to copy her favorite old sundress and make it up in new fabric. I always ask if they have sewing skills and would just like the pattern to make on their own but her reply was “I’d rather have all my teeth extracted”. So, sewing is not for everyone…ha ha.

Once the old robe was deconstructed we had the pockets and sleeves with cuffs to work out. The original sleeve were two piece with one part cut on bias (diagonal) as you can see in this photo:

So the new pieces had to follow this layout and the new cuffs had to be bigger and longer to roll up.They also had to have that wool binding and I did include the old label to be sewn inside the fold to bring back memories.

The pockets had to match exactly the front motifs and blend in. The top edges also had to have the same wool binding. While the original belt was a string affair my client wanted something sturdy enough to keep this new garment closed so a fabric belt was made instead.

Next time I’ll show you the finished product and the happy man modeling his new cozy robe complete with matching fez hat.

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