Making a man happy

After lots of innovation and messing around with old parts and new parts and wool bindings this project is coming to an end. Here is the photo of the back with the wool section of the belt that matches the back motif before it becomes black cotton fabric for ease of tying. You can also see how deep the back collar is since it is supposed to be that deep for flipping up over his ears on cold mornings. Here is the man himself with his robe and his fez and a big smile on his face.Even though the weather was too warm to wear this robe in the summer he said he was going to wear it to his next Rotary meeting. That should make the other men envious!

If you are thinking of making your man a fez click here for directions.

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2 Responses to Making a man happy

  1. taivahalla says:

    That pattern matching is phenomenal!
    i just found your blog, and I love it so much, have to read from the beginning. You’re so funny!

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