Weathergirl Barbie

Next week my new male client has an appointment to plan his garments but in the meantime I want to share another bride story.

Last year a 20 something bride called to make an appointment to have her dress hemmed. When she stood in front of the mirror in the dress she announced to me, “I am a celebrity in this area, maybe you know me from the noon weather report, I read it every day”.  I said that I really didn’t make time to listen to the weather report at lunchtime since I work and then she added “I have been a glamor model all my life from the time I was a child and have many awards and crowns”. Looking at her enhanced boobs, plumped up lips and dyed blond hair you could tell she had spent some serious money on “improvements”. So here she was getting ready for her second marriage in 4 years and wanted the dress to show off all her assets.

While she was primping and prancing about in front of the mirror, her fiance who had been kind enough to carry the dress into the house made his way back to the car to read a book and wait. My husband was working in the garage and noticed the man and was going to say to him that it was nice of him to carry his daughter’s dress for her but stopped. It would have been an honest mistake seeing as there was a big gap between their ages.

The following week with the alterations done she arrived with a 6 year old nephew for her try-on. As she proceeded to get into her gown I saw the nephew leaping about and using my sofa as a trampoline. After I instructed him that we don’t do that in my sewing room, the bride said he should just sit down. Then she starts to undress in front of us and unveils her totally naked body. I ask the nephew if he would like to come into the kitchen for a freshly baked cookie while his auntie undresses and he shouts across the room, “I”M STAYING”.

So the lucky boy got a real good anatomy lesson and the bride approved the changes. After the wedding Barbie no longer had to read the noon weather report.

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