They ain’t a gonna grow no mo’

Yesterday a client called to say she had a pair of pants that needed “looking at”.

So in the afternoon she brought these to me.Her story went like this: She was going to pull these stretch seersucker pants out of the dryer when the doorbell rang and by the time she remembered them they had shrunk 2 sizes. So in a flash of inspiration she cut open all the seams and waistband thinking that by doing this in her words, “they would grow”. Then I would be able to sew up the seams again and the pants would magically fit.

Luckily I could remove the inside back pockets to make small inserts in the waistband to enlarge it 1.5 inches and get all the parts back together. As I stood with my client in front of the mirror and said that it would be next to impossible to make them fit, she used her little whiny princess voice saying, “but you have to…they are my favorite”. Which when spoken by an 87 year old woman sounds so ridiculous that you just agree to, in Tim Gunn’s words, “MAKE IT WORK”.

The results are here…the pants have surely “grown” and should fit better now.

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