Red, White or Ivory

Here is the latest bride of the season…she fell in love with the dress in the shop window and had to have it! OK after working with brides for a while I can understand that feeling…the dress is YOU, it speaks to you saying “Take me home” but there is a small problem with this one.

First the dress like many mass-produced in China is made for a woman about 6 feet tall. My bride is about 5 foot 2 so the dress needs to be shortened by at least 6 inches. No problem right? Turn up the hem? But what if the fabric is embroidered and beaded top and bottom…hmmmmm.

What would Cinderella do??? call in some birds to pull her skirt up and ruch it to make it shorter? Of course she would so we try this and it works fine. The organza top skirt is shortened and now for the satin underskirt which has 3 inch wide horsehair braid in the hem along with an attached lining. Yes it can be hemmed shorter but wait the bride has a special request. Her new step daughters both want to wear the dress for their weddings and they are taller so could I hem everything so that it can be convertible later? Sure just fold under 7 inches and hand stitch the entire hem up. And what about the lining and layers of netting that are also 6 inches too long, we can’t cut any of that off either….goodie! I get to hand tuck hem that too somewhere halfway between the waist and hem to be dropped later.

And what about the very deep “V” front that allows the boobs to hang out? The solution to that is to remove 2 motifs from the center back train and stitch them together and sew them into that deep “V” and bead it so it looks like the dress was made this way.

And what about the enormous long train? How can the bride dance with that trailing behind her? Let’s try and bustle that puppy up with 3 locations with loops and buttons. We are going to need more than 3 just to get the hem off the ground so here are the photos so far. I still need to figure out 2 more pick-up points and whether to use covered buttons or rhinestone to match the rest of the bling on the dress.

So stayed tuned for the end result!

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1 Response to Red, White or Ivory

  1. SunGold says:

    It is a beautiful dress … I can see why everyone wants to wear it. I’m reading all your past blogs because you’re smart, funny, talented, and have great stories. Plus, you’re obviously a magician.

    Thanks for sharing!

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