Nesting Material

Here is the latest in a series of gripes over the condition of projects that find their way to the front door. Yesterday I got a referral from another seamstress in town who only does hemming in clothes and does not do special things. It seems a woman asked her to repair the edge of a brand new Pendleton wool throw 64 by 64 inches. She brought the small blanket to me  and explained that it had been p a present and she dearly loved the blanket but had left it out somewhere where a mouse had obviously had a nibble on the yarn edging. Well about a 1/3 of the yarn binding has been removed and parts of the wool blanket have been damaged.

I called Pendleton and they have the replacement yarn and soon I will be repairing this brand new blanket.The other thing the client said to me and this following my previous post about people bringing in dirty items, she didn’t know whether to have it dry cleaned before or after I was going to handle it….didn’t know? Do people ever ask themselves….would I want to work on something covered in mouse fur and animal dander and hair OR take it to the dry cleaners first.

The answer must be….AFTER. See for yourself….I only wish you could smell it to decide exactly WHERE it had been.Here’s wishing you rodent-free days and vermin-free nights!

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