A Little Help From My Friends

After reading about the blanket that had been chewed by a mouse this week, one of my sewing buddies who is also a nurse wrote to me to warn me about this very problem. It seems that rodents carry diseases that can be passed in their urine etc and I found this link on the internet:


After reading about the possibility that the blanket could harbor all sorts of nasty things, I notified the owner to tell her that I would not be sewing on it until it had been dry cleaned. Now it is up to her to make this thing safe if she wants me to repair the edges. Maybe now is the time to put up one of those signs stating that all garments MUST BE CLEAN. Which reminds me, when the owner of the blanket came to the door I asked her to remove her shoes like all my clients as I do bridal and the rug in my sewing room is kept clean to avoid leaving any marks on the pristine dresses. Well this client told me that it was no use removing her shoes as her feet were dirtier than her shoes…greatTwo steps forward, one step back.

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