Whatcha workin’ on this week?

Just when I thought September might bring a slight slowdown to the volume of clothes….something happened!

Four brides showed up along with their mothers or bridesmaids needing alterations and “from scratch” clothes for October. OK you say…big deal, October is a month away….yes it is but did you know that this year all weddings have been scheduled for that magical date 10-10-10?

In addition to my usual load of regular clients’ clothes, now I have more than one self employed seamstress needs!!!

I thought maybe you would like to see what is hanging in my two workrooms at the moment. Some are obviously bridal related with black formal bridesmaids/matron of honor and there are others that just make a statement like a zebra coat and you will see a stack of Samoan outfits for a family of 6 Samoans complete with skirts and wild print shirts. There are test garments made out of ivory muslin waiting to be tried on and pinned up too. The two jackets have been hemmed and restyled as well.

So let the show begin:

So you can see what keeps me sewing until 11pm every night and also gets me up during the night to sew from 4-6 am. The Funny thing is, the faster I sew, the faster more comes into the sewing room…truly nature abhors a vacuum…but then again, so do I.

I welcome any comments and encouragement!!! May all your sewing projects be manageable and fun!

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