Treasure in a Gym Bag

Having seen my share of sad dirty clothes expertly pulled from a bag like a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat I am constantly amazed at what clients can produce when they first arrive.

Last week I got a call from a young bride who is fortunate enough to have a friend who wants to loan her a wedding dress that she wore 3 years ago. The bride says the owner of the dress was taller and thinner so we may need to let out some side seams and take in the bust area. When she arrives she is carrying an old black gym bag. Now I have seen dresses in old cardboard boxes stored in the garage for 14 years and I have seen old dresses brought to me with nests of cat fur inside the plastic garment bags, but so far never a gym bag.

Once the zipper was opened to reveal this dress I was pleasantly surprised!!!!

And for a close-up of the gorgeous beaded and  embroidered lace:Now the next step is to make a corset back with loops down both sides after removing the zipper and also making a satin modesty panel to sit underneath the eventual grosgrain ribbon lacing. The train is quite long and voluminous so it will need at least 3 points to bustle up to get it up off the floor for dancing.

The interesting thing about this dress is that it has been promised to yet another bride after this Oct 10 wedding and she may be able to just tighten or loosen the ribboned corset back and not have any further alterations.

So the thought for today is that treasure can be buried in a gym bag for 3 years and make many girls happy and beautiful down the line. May you find treasure today or maybe a long lost object that has been missing.

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