Move to the front of the line

Just when I thought things were getting a little better a bridesmaid calls and says she has a dress that needs a little work. Like most girls she says it is minor and will not take long at all and the wedding is on the 25th so we have lots of time.

Seeing as I have 4 weddings for the 10th of October it seems if I take this new job it will work out just fine. She arrives on Monday with her boyfriend and then shows me the dress that she bought it on-line a while ago and since she has been so busy she has not sought out any seamstress until now. That’s when the fun begins…

She says the dress needs to be taken in under the arms and the halter which has no seams needs to be shortened and as the dress drags on the ground the hem should come up too.

Once she tries on her dress in her size it is very apparent that the back zipper needs to be removed and 4 inches of fabric removed from the top of the zipper to about 6 inches below where the present zipper ends…ok no biggie…take out an invisible zipper, replace it with a much longer one and stitch the lining by hand to the new zipper. I pin all that excess fabric out and then move to the under arm area….I can pinch out 2 inches on each side so I pin that out too. The halter is way to long for her and I pinch out 4 inches and pin that too….are you getting the idea like I did that she bought the wrong size? Oh and we have not even gotten to the hem which could not possible be marked until all the upper adjustments are made which requires a second fitting.

But all this is doable. I quote her a price and hours of labor and then make a second appointment for her 2 weeks later and that is when she stops me from writing in my calendar….bad news….the 25th she was talking about is 4 days later. She explains that her mother was also too busy to do any of these simple alterations so she called me. I ask if her mother is a seamstress and she says no that she used to make her clothes for her 20 years ago when she was a child….have we heard that before?

Great…now the rush is on to make all these pain in the ass “simple” alterations on a lined dress and have her return 2 days later for the pinning up of the hems (acetate lining and poly chiffon over shirt) and then finishing it up on the last day. Here is the link to the dress.

Wishing you many more hours in your day to finished projects you start.

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