Scrub me up!

Yes, dear friends another project has found it’s way to my sewing room.

This week a medical office has dropped off 40 scrub tops to be embroidered with the company logo. I had hoped that this could have been delayed until after the dreaded wedding season deadline of 10-10-10 but no.

Here is a photo:Only 10 bags filled with 4 sets of scrubs with pants to be hemmed as well. Wish my girlfriend that could embroider so well had not moved to Texas last month…she could have had a nice little job helping me!

My husband suggests that I not take on any new clients until the end of October so I am trying to be selective and let people know what is in the line before them.

Hoping next week I will have some new photos of things that have been completed while keeping my fingers crossed that the other sewing room (the annex) where I store all the finished projects will slowly be emptying….another gripe….seamstresses are not the dry cleaners where you can leave clothes for weeks or months before claiming them. We have limited storage space and it is just the very articles that we have been asked to finish in a rush, we finish them and then wait, wait, wait to be paid when the client decides to visit. Maybe some seamstresses ask for money up front but in our area folks are given the benefit of the doubt and we trust they will pay at the end.

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