A Little Reward

Well friends, it has been a long hard week with getting gowns steamed and hems up and bustles bustled up…..and one week to go until the famous date for weddings of 10-10-10!.

One great thing that happened this week was the 40 scrub tops that were sitting here last week have been shipped off to a commercial embroidery service. So now only regular clothing and formal wear are left to do.

Of course I have had my share of the usual women who want me to know that they could sew their hems perfectly but they are giving/desperate me their stuff to be done right.

If you remember my earlier post about some clients who seem to think it is ok to expel deadly methane gasses when I am pinning up their pants hems…well she’s back and has made an appointment for 2 weeks from now.

So with a week of ups and downs last night my husband brought home a little treat for me:Yes, nothing says “I Love You” like a piece of frozen Key Lime pie on a Friday night and a Netflix movie. No matter what has happened since Monday and no matter how many nights I sew until 11pm and the get up at 4 am and sew for 2 hours….a piece of pie can fix all that!!!

It is just a good thing that the package only contains 2 slices-one to eat and one to share with my honey.

Wishing you only sweet treats and loved ones to share them with this week!

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