Always Laughing

This week dear friends I have 2 more examples of craziness for you.

Do you remember the man who gave me his camo hunting pants to repair after he tried to fix them with super glue? Well this week he wants me to hem some drapes that were made to “puddle” a few years back. Guess he was tired of the puddling so he washed them. Now not many drapes these days and especially ones that have been lined are supposed to be dropped into a washing machine but that’s history. I submit the photo below of the resulting mess:Yes, that is the lining hanging down below the edge of the drapes that shrunk so much in the center that you can almost gauge how much from the rulers laying at 90 degree angles. So now the question is….how does one tackle this and make it all right? The drapes are 10 inches too long at the corners but not in the middle and what the heck happens to the lining???

Another challenge recently was a custom made jacket for a lady with biceps that were larger than the pattern. After making the muslin for her I had to cut the sleeve on grainlines and add separate fabrics to get an idea of where to add to the paper pattern before I cut the real fabric. Imagine me cutting the muslin on the woman and watching it open up more and more and then pinning the new fabric underneath and trying to make it all lay flat. After all that was done and I was happy with the drape of the sleeve and extra ease she needed to bend her arm, she turned to me and said “Yes, that is exactly how I would have done it”….Really? You know how much I love wannabe seamstresses telling me that they would sew and fit just like me IF they had the time….it gets old.

Here is her sleeve:

In addition one other gal this week told me she envied me having such a cool job…the job in fact that she wanted many years ago…her dream job supposedly was to be a seamstress but after seeing me sitting and kneeling on floor pinning up her hem and waistband and side seams etc she thought maybe it wasn’t such a “cool” job.

For 90% of my time is spent on the floor doing what I call “sewing yoga” bending in all directions, crawling under bridal gowns to make bustles, getting my nose down to ground level to eyeball hems in chiffon and linen.

With my four 10-10-10 weddings completed I can take a breath and look forward to cooler weather and working on woolen outfits and a slower kind of pace…well for a couple days anyway.

Wishing you a great weekend of walking and kicking up fallen leaves!

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