Third degree update

Hello again loyal readers! If you have not read the most recent post below, please do so before this one to get some funny background to the story.

Just after posting my story below the phone rang and guess who was on the line?

Yes, yes, the very same woman to say “I have decided to LET you make me a pair of pants with that 1.5 yards of fabric. I woke up during the night and thought is has been over 40 years since I had custom clothes made and I am willing to LET you try and fit pants to my body. It is you job to do it and make me look good”.

Since I am a very non-confrontational person this was very hard to stand my ground and state my case but here is what I said” Well, during the night I had a thought as well and it is that yesterday you thought it was all about YOU deciding if I was good enough to work for you and if the chemistry was right but I was also about me deciding and i have decided that is is not right and i will not be working for you”.

She was shocked and asked if I could be more specific so I said that after one hour of questioning I still did not feel as though I could manage to please her.

She said she didn’t give those feelings and I said well that was the feeling I got and in this business it is ALL about feelings and I was going to go with my gut feelings on this one. Also I said I have loyal customers who love my work and respect me and from now on that was all I wanted to do was work for people like that.

Then I wished her well in finding another seamstress. I hung up the phone shaking and sweating but so darn relieved. I guess I have my husband to thank for pushing me to be so bold after listening to excerpts from yesterday’s grilling and convincing me that I did not need a domineering woman like this in my life.

Some days start off better than others….and today was one of them!!!

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2 Responses to Third degree update

  1. Sandi says:

    You go girl!! You are in charge.

  2. Alethia says:

    ROTFL!!! After reading both of your blogs abut this woman, I say. Hooray for you!!!! You did the right thing, yay!!!!

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