1970 Revisted

Are you old enough to remember the Maxi coat from the 70’s?

Well one surfaced this week and was begging for a new lining. Before I threw the old lining away I just had to take a few photos to share with you. This coat was bought from a vintage shop and had some interesting repairs done over the years. Like many clothes that have had multiple seamstresses do their magic on them it was full of a rainbow of thread colors in the seams but the best thing of all was the clever but destructive spot patches. Here is a photo of the back lining:

Can you guess what the rectangular pieces are and how they are attached?

Give up??? Well they are satin ribbon that has been glued down with something like….let’s say…an ex Marine’s favorite…Super Glue. They are so stiff that it must have been nasty having to sit on them. Here are few other shots of the rest of the lining:And a shot of the top section:Nice huh? Look like it got here just in time. After seeing these beauties maybe you would like to see the outside of the coat and the finished product.

The client told me so buy whatever kind of lining I wanted so to modernize and give this gray tweed coat a lift I chose a red jacquard which was heavier than regular poly lining to help “beef up” the original fabric which looks like wool but is probably some sort of acrylic blend that had some of the dreaded fusible backing like the robe saga. When you cut into old fusible backed fabric is sheds the old adhesive as powder all over the room, the sewing machine, the serger and the operator.

So as I worked on this garment resewing the hem and removing the lining black powder was spilling everywhere…lovely. But with many blasts from my canned air cylinder things were clean again.

So, if you have something like this lurking in the back of your closet think carefully before you ask someone to replace the lining…it can get messy!

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