Saving the Earth…one bag at a time

This week I had a client who wanted me to repair a reusable grocery bag. You know the type we are all using now instead of plastic or paper.

Who knows where these ubiquitous bags are being made but let’s say there is not a whole lot of quality control in the factory while they are pumping them out at lightening speed and charging the consumer $1-$2 a bag.

Well this particular one had lost its binding for about 6 inches along one side and so there was an open gap. Upon inspection one can see there is like 1/8 inch seam allowance where the binding is stitched to cover both sides on a very porous loosely woven fabric. Once someone throws in a week’s worth of cans and bottles it is no wonder that something has to give.

Now assuming that this woman paid $1 for this little bag and assuming that it will take me 10-15 minutes to re-stitch the 2 sides together and then reinforce the binding what would a fair price be to charge her?

Seamstresses don’t make $5 an hour anymore so it will surely have to be more than she paid and more than she would pay to replace it next time she visits the grocery store. Maybe it would have been better to recycle the bag into a storage bag for flat things like magazines and newspapers to be recycled or sheets of bubble wrap that weigh next to nothing but we all don’t think the same way.

Personally I’d rather spend that money on a Mocha coffee.

Wishing you strong seams in your grocery bags!

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