Still into recycling

Yesterday the owner of the 1970’s maxi coat came and was very overwhelmed with the final result with new lining and top stitching, hemming etc. It makes a seamstress so darn happy to see a customer’s eyes light up and see her touch the garment and gush…really gush. Then she gave me a bag of thick wool scraps from her daughter who had made a Capote coat. These wilderness coats were worn by Native tribes in the US and Canada and frontiersmen long ago and even today classes are taught so the art of turning a Hudson Bay blanket  or Pendleton blanket into a coat with few cuts and hand stitching.

Since the beginning of this year I bought a felting machine from a woman who had won one in a raffle. I also visited a nearby Alpaca ranch and bought beautiful fluffy roving to try out on my machine…but then the wedding season hit and hit hard.

These wool scraps will certainly be just the thing to practice on with a little more time on my hands.

It was a lovely surprise to get a “gift” for future use. She also left a special t-shirt that I am going to turn into a purse for her other daughter who is a dancer in New York while the coat is mailed off to her daughter who lives in London.

Wishing you a cozy weekend filled with winning teams and laughter.

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