Let’s Recycle Again!

Do you have a favorite T-shirt that you cannot throw away? Well one of my clients wanted to have her daughter’s favorite T-shirt made into some sort of bag and left it with me to work some magic.

I looked at bags and purses on the internet to get ideas but none started their lives as a T-shirt so the first thing I did was to serge off the sleeves and hem to use later…maybe.

Then cut straight across from side to side just under the neck binding to make it a rectangle. I cut lining, sewed it and slid it inside the tube. Looking at it made me think…well anyone can sew up the bottom and add handles but what if it was turned into a circle? I measured the width at the bottom and it was 14 inches across or 28 inches total. Then I used a dish to trace a circle 28 inches around. Using 2 layers or Timtex type interfacing I sprayed adhesive to both layers and stuck them together and then stuck 2 pieces of fabric in the same way to either side thus making a little “sandwich”. Of course all edges were serged as I went along and then I sewed the bottom edge of the knit to the circle and flipped the seam allowance to the inside.

The top looked plain and a bit sad so I made a ruffle and attached it to the top edge, serged it and then made a top band which was also filled with Timtex for stability and strength. All this was top stitched and edgestitched down and then what could I use for handles?

The 1 inch wide hem scrap was laying in the serger discard bucket so I retrieved it and serged along the raw edge and attached it too after inserting a length of 1/2 inch elastic inside. The remaining sleeves were lined and serged and then zigzagged down to the bag and also zigzagged down the middle to form 2 compartments. The tiny tag “Rose Bud” was salvaged from the back of the neck and attached to the pocket too.

Here are the photos featuring each technique:

Wishing you many warm sunny feelings today even if it is raining where you are!

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