36 Hems and counting

Guess what showed up this week so far for alterations?

Yes, 36 pair of pants, mostly new, some pre-shrunk but one pair just stopped me in my tracks! It was new client who brought these in and she has been using another “professional” in the area for pants hemming. To start with when she tried them on they didn’t need shortening as they were about 1 inch TOO SHORT. I looked inside to find a 1 inch hem with a serged edge and tons of thread.

On the outside this is how they looked:






On the inside this is how they looked after I released all the thread and pressed the hem flat:

So this is why when you find a seamstress that takes pride in his/her work you keep going there and supporting him/her and never quibble over the price.

Last week I hemmed and did extensive alterations to 10 pair of pants for a lady who needed a 3 inch wedge of fabric added to the top of her elastic waistband pants. I was fortunate to use one of the inside pockets for the patch as nothing in the fabric store would match this color of knit. The patch was stitched on and folded over to make the casement for the new elastic and 3 hours later it looked pretty darn nice. The original estimate from me to her was one hour so I stuck to that even though it involved much much more. Because I had increased my rate $5 recently I told her the hourly rate was a bit higher and when she got my bill she called to tell me she was not happy that I had the nerve to charge her the new rate. When I explained that spending 3 hours on a one hour project justified more than enough she still did not feel happy and insinuated that I was cheating her.

SOOOOO, the next day I boxed up her 10 pair of pants and wire hangers and shipped them to her UPS overnight to the next town where she lived with a note telling her that we were finished doing business and that working for someone that thinks I am cheating her takes all the joy out of my work and I have to have joy to keep going. I also said she could keep her pants and her money and never contact me again. The bill was $93 and the shipping was $16 but worth every penny to eliminate someone like that.

Subsequently I have spoken to two other seamstresses in the area and they have described the same encounter with this woman and the other woman who spent one hour grilling me on my qualifications so I have just been the next one in line in the yellow pages.

So many lessons to learn in life…ha ha

May you have a super weekend filled with great weather and a mailbox devoid of political fliers.

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1 Response to 36 Hems and counting

  1. Tia Dia says:

    Good riddance for you! BTW, I am thoroughly enjoying reading through your entire blog. It’s a great read, and thanks for posting!

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