Let the Fur Fly

Just when you think things may go smoothly this week you get another challenge.

About a month ago around homecoming time at the local high school I got a call from a girl and her mother about a repair job. It seems that the local queens and princesses for the event wear those little fur stoles from the 50’s and 60’s…remember them?

So here’s how the sad story goes: A kindly grandmother loans her beloved fox fur stole to a high school girl to wear on the night of the event. Once the event is over the fur stole is placed back in…wait….the ever present and ever sooo versatile plastic grocery bag and left on her bedroom floor. Harmless enough you think until the family cat wanders in looking for something to torture play with. Yes, you have guessed it! The kitty heads right for the plastic bag and finds a willing playmate. What could be better than a luxurious long fox fur stole? The feline romp session went on for a while until huge chunks had been ripped from the main body of the wrap and the satin lining torn to shreds.

Now what’s a girl to do with a borrowed treasured stole?

Find a seamstress crazy enough to tackle this?

I quoted the mother and daughter a price for 3 hours of solid hand work and the mother turned to the daughter  and said “we will be back after speaking to her father and after the girl saves up her allowance to pay for it”. The look on the teenager’s face was priceless! Her response was “I’m paying for it?”

Her mother gathered up the stole and ziplock bag with some scraps and said they may be back unless they could find some other repair person.

This little project was dropped off yesterday on my porch…in a plastic grocery bag…to be restored, repaired and resurrected into a complete unit ready to be displayed on the shoulders of another young woman next year.

Lesson learned from this: grocery bags filled with fur are not cat toys.

P.S. For a peek at the repaired fur stole click here.

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