Back Together Again

With Thanksgiving over the sewing room has been a hive of activity finishing garments for early winter parties and this week that poor shredded fox fur stole has been finished!

The repair item I needed from the furrier arrived and I managed to complete the job. The adhesive backed taffeta did the trick stabilizing all the little bits of really worn skin on the back. This is what I was left with after carefully stitching all the edges back together. There were small gaps and very thin places. You can see the skin was very worn right up to the top linen fabric binding piece.

Next the new taffeta was placed over all these areas and pressed down firmly to attach.

Then the linen binding was folded back down and attached to the thick batting. At this point the stole was getting back into shape. As you can see the batting was also covered with a cheesecloth layer that also had to be sewn all by hand. Once that was done the satin lining was attached all the way around to seal everything in.

The final result was a much studier stole ready for the next event.

The front looks good and you could never imagine where the huge gaping chunks had been.

The back has a few thin places up near the neck but I suspect many of these were from wear before the kitty played with it. Either way the new reinforcement will serve it well for a few more wearings. The interesting thing to remember when wearing or buying “vintage” fur garments is that most are going to be 50 years old and very dry and brittle on the skin side and once they are worn and put under stress sleeved garments will tear badly and not be able to be repaired. That is what I came up against. When I sent photos of the stole, skin side out, to furriers they told me to forget about fixing it because of the condition of the skin but luckily Kenneth King came to my rescue again and recommended “cold cloth”.

So now you think….ahhhh….all’s well that ends well…the client will be overjoyed that her disaster has been salvaged and she will come and pick up her project on time and the day she made the appointment…WRONG!  It is always the ones that you go the extra mile for and bend over backwards securing special supplies and move to the front of the line that disappoint you. The stole is hanging here waiting to be picked up but at least other clients this week will be able to hear the story and stroke the fur and remember when they themselves wore such a stole to their high school prom or homecoming dance way back when.

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3 Responses to Back Together Again

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  3. Jessica says:

    I know that you posted this a long time ago but I wanted you to know that you might have saved me. I have been recently gifted my grandmothers fur collar. I am not sure if it has a better name but it is a collar of fur to go over a jacket. It has spots of thinning and wear, no lining at all and has been sitting in a garage for at least 8 years in a plastic bin. I sew, a bit, and I am also just crazy enough to try and repair this thing so I can wear it. I read your blog but since I never have anything meaningful to add I normally just don’t add to the conversation. I thought you might like to know though that I am very grateful that you posted this. I have been unable to find any advice, in person or the internet, other than to just throw the old thing out.

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