Butter Soft Leather

Well it must be almost winter with the amount of wool clothes and leather garments that have found their way into the sewing room.

This week a dear friend showed up with this 25 year old coat and asked if there was something we could do to make it more modern and practical.

You can see it was originally a swing type coat that wraps and ties but it needs less volume to be more form fitting.

It used to have huge shoulder pads that really puffed out those raglan sleeves a la Dynasty so they need to be reduced from the neckline down to the sleeve hems. The sleeves had huge rollback cuffs as well which I removed before my friend posed for these photos.

The side seams were also way to wide and they will be reduced as well from armhole to hem. Then the coat will be shortened to become a 3/4 length jacket and we will keep the tie belt.

To aid in my alterations I purchased some great little gadgets invented by a man called Paul Gallo in San Francisco who worked with leather and found it frustrating to not be able to pin through the skins. With these clips I was able to fold the leather edges from the outside and clip them and then mark the skins on the inside later with chalk and sew the seams perfectly.

Next time I will have the finished coat photos and maybe some other sample garments that I make for a local small independent fabric store…in my spare time.

This week will also be filled with last minute embroidered presents for my relatives in Pamplona in the Basque region of Northern Spain and Zaragoza.

Since my husband has already mailed off his Christmas cards to his UK family, I had better get moving! This year I will try to make time to make his favorite treat…mincemeat tarts before the season is over!

Hope your week is filled with enough time to complete your projects and still have some breathing room and fun!

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