More Dynasty Re-Makes

A few months back a client asked me if I could restyle some very expensive and favorite jackets from the 80’s with those huge shoulder pads and extended shoulders.

I told her of course so this week she brought in the first two of many to come. One was a lovely red wool by Ralph Lauren and the other a plaid wool from Ellen Tracy. The client had removed the shoulder pads herself from the plaid jacket….never a good idea! It looked like she had used a can opener or letter opener to hack through the shoulder seams of the lining thus shredding it along the way. She did mention that she had to wrestle it out…hello….shoulder pads are usually tacked down quite securely in seams and not meant to be removed with force. It caused me to flash back to a past time when we had to remove the innards of chickens by twisting and tugging until something came loose.Thankfully she had not attempted the same surgical procedure on the Lauren jacket.

You can see the finished photos with a more modern look.

Along with these beauties in came the usual collections of pants hemmed with Scotch tape and cruise wear for those much desired Panama cruises for Jan 2011.

This weekend I am finishing up the green leather coat after discovering it needed way more bulk taken out of the side seams again. So fingers crossed it will be done for Christmas for my client and friend who is traveling down to Calif to see her family for the holidays.

In addition to using the Gettagrip clips I have also used some giant plastic Clothes pins from the Dollar Store as they can take a bigger bite of the leather.

Have a super weekend shopping, wrapping or surfing the internet for all those presents for family and friends!


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