Moisturize is my Mantra

Happy Days! The leather swing coat has entered the modern world.

I learned many things working on this garment but the most valuable was to do something that most of us do every day to our faces…slap on some sort of cream/serum to plump up the tiny lines. If any of you have a leather jacket hanging in the back of the closet…walk, no run and get it out and have a good look at the exterior. I used this product on the jacket once it was done and it wiped away 25 years of age in an instant.

Just think of that poor leather drying up in the darkness without anyone to nourish it. If you didn’t slather something on your face before you went to bed you know the vision in the mirror in the morning would resemble something like what is leftover at the bottom of a box of Corn Flakes. Oh yes, dried flaky bits of pale stuff clinging to life until you start your morning ritual of creams and potions. So, please add this to your shopping list or visit a shoe store/repair shop and ask for a balm to restore the original beauty of your garment. Speaking of leather, when was the last time you nourished your shoes/boot or purses? Don’t they deserve some kindness in this winter season?

Before I close I want to show you what I found when I opened up the hem section of the jacket before shortening it 5 inches. That little 3/8 wide strip of something that once had an adhesive side looked so darn familiar….and then the light bulb turned on….remember that contact type taffeta fabric I used to repair the fur stole? Yes fellow sewists…that very same thing was hiding in that old hem and I was able to cut long 3/8 strips of “cold cloth” and attach it to the new hem area before topstitching.

It seems as though every day holds new things to learn even though I rarely leave my sewing room.

Here’s wishing you a good week of shopping and cleaning before the holiday festivities start!

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