Twas the week before Christmas

Seven days to Christmas and what should appear at my sewing room door?

Well here is the count: 7 jackets, 12 pants,1 skirt, 2 sweaters and a motorcycle jacket to hem and alter and some totally remake including linings and zippers removed and reattached. Why you ask would perfectly sane women visit me with arms bulging with garments (without hangers). Let’s toss in 2 blankets to embroider as well.

Here are a few answers when I asked why they waited so long and did they really all need these garments for the 25th:

1. I used to wear stilettos and now my flats make my pants too long. (She just discovered this)

2. I found these pants at the back of the closet and they still have the tags on them.(Obviously she has more money than sense)

3. I’ve had these pants for years and thought I should wear them for Christmas.(Does she have a sense of guilt or thriftiness?)

4. I don’t know what to buy my husband for Christmas so maybe you would like to re-line his decades old leather motorcycle jacket.(Is it love or a lack of imagination?)

5. I know this sounds crazy but I could only wear these pants if they were 1/4 inch shorter.(You win….it sounds crazy because it is!)

6. I bought all these clothes without trying them on because I knew you could make them fit.(Does this ever make sense to pay someone to make clothes 2 sizes larger or smaller?)

7. I am a clothing rep and for months I have let women try on my demo pants and now that is finished I can have them hemmed for me.(Wonderful, I do hope you treat yourself and wash the cooties out of them before wearing them the first time)

8. I hope you can fix the hole in my sweater since I used a battery operated de-fuzz gadget on it and wore a hole right through it.(Did we nod off during the procedure?)

9. The last person to hem my jeans cut off too much so I need your help.(my reputation for making clothes grow longer must be getting around)

So with 5 real working days left for those who have regular jobs and 7 days left for seamstresses who run their own business I will carry on ripping out hems and seams and zippers and linings, putting them back in and finishing up this collection of 25 items for my clients while trying not to look at my half used box of Christmas cards I should have mailed off to friends gleefully baking cookies and pies and decorating their homes for the special day.

This week I told my husband that one of my grammar school teachers made a project for Christmas one year in her classroom. She brought in an empty manger and beside it was a huge bag of straw. As 3rd grade students in a Catholic school we were encouraged to do good works and favors for others on the run up to Christmas during the 4 weeks of Advent. Every time we did something nice for someone we could add a reed of straw to make the baby Jesus comfy. Maybe 3 weeks ago I should have started this tradition again  since this had been the busiest season in 40 years and the manger would be pretty cozy by now waiting for the infant.

Wishing you a little more time to get presents wrapped and last minute gift cards purchased and enough eggnog and rum to put you to sleep to dream of sugarplums…what are sugarplums anyway???

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