Something from Scratch

In the midst of all the piles of alterations there is a little bright spot this week.

Some of you know that I make samples for a local independent fabric store and here are the photos of the finished jeans jacket:

The pattern is from a company called Petite Plus.

The fabric is stretch corduroy in shades of tan, gray and mauve.

The pattern itself went together really well as have others from that company.

The real challenge was the use of pearl snaps as closures instead of buttons. I was given a collection of snaps and snap backs and a tool that would hold my fabric sturdy while bashing the snaps components with a hammer. The snap company is Snap Source and they have the longest prongs in the business which is a very good thing. The only problem was the thickness of the corduroy. Just where you want to place the snaps the fabric is doubled on facings and also interfaced so now we have 3 layers of fabric to pierce. 

I will say a few nasty words were muttered and I did have to resort to using a pair of needle nosed pliers to remove a few unruly critters but once I discovered that the fabric could be manipulated and pushed down around each of the 5 prongs before attaching the back it worked better.

Now all that is left to do is deliver the jacket and drop off presents to the other seamstresses in the area who have been so kind to me this year by referring  projects they normally do not tackle such as brides and mouse gnawed blankets.

I am hoping to close the year with a final project but it has not arrived on my doorstep yet but a few clients have come by today to pick up their garments and that is always a welcome event.

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