Happy New Year

It seems appropriate to be working on a tuxedo jacket this week to ring in the new year with style. I got a call from a woman who said she needed me to alter her husband’s jacket after he had lost some weight and it didn’t fit like it did 8 years ago when they got married. She said it was mainly in the waist and it looked baggy to her but he thought it was just fine…sound familiar?

I told her I would like to see him in the jacket to make a decision and quote a price so she said that they would have to work out a day and time to both come over. I suggested that it was no problem for me to even see him alone on his lunch hour and pin out the excess.

That’s when she asked me “Have you ever had a husband?”

“Yes”, I replied, “I’ve had two.”

“Well then” she said “You will understand that men will not do this alone.”

I laughed and agreed with her and then she explained that even though he was a professional he would forget to wear underpants unless she put them out for him each day.

A few days later they arrived and the husband dutifully/enthusiastically tried on his jacket over a T-shirt while the wife chatted on about the cruise they were going on the end of Jan and how his idea of cruise wear was a pair of flip-flops and shorts. I asked him what other occasions would he be wearing the jacket to and he answered, “Only this cruise”.

He kept saying the baggy jacket was just fine and I told him with just a few alterations to the side and center back seams he would have a jacket that would be ready for many more events. That’s when his wife said she was planning lots more cruises so he would certainly get more use out of it. Just what a man wants to hear! Can you hear the groans of excitement???

So here is a photo of the jacket but instead of hanging lifelessly on a hanger I snagged one from a website with a real man inside just for you.

One good thing that has come from the end of 2010 is my determination to clean out my sewing rooms of clothing women have forgotten to pick up during the year. So yesterday I packaged up dresses and patterns that had been hanging since Sept 2009, yes that is right, 2009 and left them on my front porch in a bag with a label. Others will be mailed to their rightful owners with a note or invoice.

It seems harsh to tell customers in the beginning that I am not the dry cleaners, I don’t have room to store vast collections of their clothes and WAIT until THEY are ready to pick them up so I just let it go and let it go and then re-claim my space.

Lord knows within a month the first batch of 2011 brides will be anxiously awaiting alterations for their big day. Bridal gowns have a life of their own and need SPACE!

So my friends, I encourage you also to go through your own spaces and cast out things that have been cluttering your rooms/closets/counter tops and life because it is only when there is a vacancy can anything new and wonderful come in to fill it up.

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