My machine has a funny rattle…

This week I got this little blurb from a local sewing machine dealer…it just struck me as so funny that I had to share it with sewers and non-sewers alike:

And speaking of organizing…  somewhere there’s a mouse who is wondering where all his well-organized stash of food for the winter has gone.  This machine came in for a service, and the owner said “it rattles”.  She was right.  A mouse had crawled up into the machine and deposited all this cat food.  I’m guessing that somewhere there’s a cat who is looking rather skinny, too!   This takes the cake… er, kibble!!


Maybe that owner needs to invest in another vital sewing machine accessory…a big old mean cat???

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2 Responses to My machine has a funny rattle…

  1. Alethia says:

    How in the world would the mouse get up in the machine in the first place, hmmm?!?!?!

  2. That is hilarious, thank you for sharing 🙂 🙂 🙂

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