Back in business

Having been closed for the past 10 days the sewing room is buzzing with new and old clients to begin the 2011 wedding season.

Every year my husband and I try to escape a little bit of winter by finding a resort where we can lay around and read and eat and re-charge before the Spring onslaught of work begins. This year we were able to book 10 days with Costco at a place 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas called San Jose del Cabo. It is a quiet area with a traditional fishing marina and quaint historically preserved Mexican town unlike Cabo which has morphed into something resembling a “Mexican Monte Carlo” without the Casino.

The hotel itself was fine with traditional food and great service but when one signs up for an all inclusive vacation you have to be ready for exuberant rowdy kids (why aren’t they in school) and overindulging drunk adults. Our goal every day was to find a quiet spot on the beach under some shade to read and then manage to drag our relaxed bodies to walk for miles on smooth sandy shores to see breaching whales and flying fish, pelicans and turkey vultures along the way. Other notable features of a Mexican vacation are the vendors hawking every sort of item made locally on the edges of your hotel property.

On the plus side we were able to go for walks every night after enjoying stuffing ourselves the ala carte dinners without fear of crime. Wandering around the old town and seeing missions from 1730 and learning about the history and background of the region was a nice break and good exercise before finding a cool out of the way little bar for a beer before heading back to the hotel for an afternoon nap.

One day we rented a car, well we just paid for the insurance, but the car was free since we endured a 2 hour timeshare presentation and we drove for 2 hours to this little village in search of another early mission and artist community and the famous Hotel California from the Eagles song. The Mexican government is investing lots of money into improving their roads and we were able to help them out by smoothing out many rough patches of gravel, rocks, potholes and just plain desert sand for them while dodging free-range cows and more turkey vultures.

So now that the break is over life returns to normal. Our next vacation is only 365 days away and we have learned that if we want to find the peace and quiet that we need our next escape will be to a condo without screaming children and their Margarita swilling chain smoking parents who get up at 6:30 am to reserve commandeer all the available sun loungers.

The first bride of the season arrives in the sewing room tomorrow and the fantasy begins….

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