Mathematical Pants

Once again this week I can bring you the opportunity to view another side of life from my sewing room.

The gentleman wanted me to patch the inside of his brown pants (butt area) so as not to conflict with the outside massive decorative purple patches placed there for cosmic reasons. The pants are made by a company called Ethereal Elements whose website states:

We have ethericaly encoded each of our garments with star energy so that when one wears our clothing it will assist in connecting them with their higher self and higher realms. We recommend using the other spiritual practices along with wearing ethereal elements in order to achieve full galaktivation…

It did make me wonder why a grown man would want to wear these pants out in public and carry such a huge laptop but after looking at the website and all the offerings I guess there was a need for such star-infused clown trousers.

These particular ones are called the “Fibonacci” model. I was thinking that maybe this was the name of a star constellation named by a famous Italian astronomer but using the Google link I found out more. It seems this was developed by Leonardo da Vinci and pertains to a specific sequence of numbers and variables.Who knew? Who cares?

Maybe my client is a Math professor? You really never know these days who is dabbling in what or where but at $150 a pair these pants have a certain buyer in mind.

Could be this guy has 2 jobs and is a Shaman on the side…we have lots of those in this area!

Back to the real world and the brides are starting their season already and David’s Bridal must be doing a bang up job with brides and bridesmaids so eager to celebrate new beginnings. I have a friend back East who manages a David’s and she is really busy with other clients too who need cotillion and prom gowns as well this time of year. Here in the Northwest we are still wearing our fleece vests and thick socks and watching tulips and crocus poke their heads up through frozen earth. This morning our hummingbird feeder was frozen solid again so it is hard to think about strapless dresses!!!

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1 Response to Mathematical Pants

  1. Alethia says:

    Wow Mrs Mole, you certainly have an array of clients….So, what did you do to fix the “butt part”? 🙂

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