Great Service!

Every time I deal with this sewing supply company I am pleasantly satisfied/blown away!

They take my on-line order and deliver within 1 day even though their company is on the East Coast and I am in the Pacific Northwest. The clever thing is they have is a distribution center in Sparks, Nevada where there must be a fleet of UPS trucks just waiting/drooling to pick up my package in the middle of the night, visit the local drive-thru coffee shop and drive it over 250 miles to my front door.

Just yesterday afternoon I made an order for the usual notions…invisible zippers (buy one get one free special for Feb), snaps, hooks and eyes, and this great product:

So, you ask, what the heck do you do with this and why does it come in so many colors?

Well if you look inside very expensive trousers the hem is normally sewn to the pants using this product. What is does is create a smooth transition from the cut hem edge back to the back side of the fabric without making a lump with just serged edges do. It also acts as a “stay” for shoulder seams, waists before a waistband is attached and all sorts of things that need stabilizing without adding bulk. A seamstress friend of mine swears by it for easing in flared and circle skirt hems without gathering them first. Since so much of my tailoring involves shortening very expensive pants for women no matter whether there was hem binding on the original garment or not I always use this product. It stays soft and is washable and dry cleanable and is rayon.

Compare that to the crummy polyester product that you find in a JoAnn’s store and you will understand why home sewers are not aware/kept ignorant of these items. I remember using the lace type hem binding in the 60’s when it first came out and being angry when the edges of the lace rubbed against my new on-the-market pantyhose and made snags…lovely.

This company also called me the first time I made an order with them and asked if the order came quickly and was it OK. Then they said they would like to know if I would like to see anything new in their catalog…what? Asking the customer what they really want? When was the last time anyone asked you that?

So the next time you want to beef up your stock of sewing supplies and notions, give WAWAK a look and buy with confidence with their 100% satisfaction guarantee and speedy delivery!

Happy Shopping!

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