Custom Coat

This week is a mess of bridesmaid dresses and season altering but one custom garment is starting to take shape.

The client had a friend’s knit jacket that she dearly loved but wanted it made up in something waterproof for a trip to Europe. She bought micro fiber Portobello from The Rainshed and this Sandra Betzina

Vogue pattern 1212:

And here is what her friend’s coat looks like:

A good seamstress explains that cotton knit sweatshirt fabric is one thing and waterproof microfiber is another but so far the new coat is looking like this all hand basted: and lining

This coat will also have a huge self-lined hood instead of the huge collar and outside pockets with ruffled trim like the original coat and a fake back yoke. The pattern calls for piping but that will have to be discussed later at the try-on appointment.

The original hood was gathered and sat on the shoulders like a huge draped collar/neck warmer but I explained that microfiber will not do that and besides the original hood was so shallow that is did not really cover the wearer’s head and that would be the main reason for having it on a raincoat.

The Vogue pattern 1212 calls for a band up the front to cover the separating zipper so that will dress it up a bit. If we do piping it make be done with the wrong side of the fabric which is shiny but all this adds labor to make the piping and then fit it into all the seams and also make those custom pockets that have a curved band of ruching. I did suggest that we move the pockets to the sides so she did not have such a kangaroo pouch effect that the original coat has.

The shorter length should be very versatile while traveling and with the cheetah printed slippery lining it should work well over most clothes.Stay tuned for more photos!

So friends, that is the challenge this week besides the usual phone calls that start off with “I have a closet full of clothes I want to bring in for you to alter and I need them by Friday since I am going away”. Then the caller starts rattling off a list of each item and I have to reply….”Whoa, this is bridal season and I don’t do collections in 3 days” and then pass on the name of another seamstress in town who might just have some free time but maybe not. You would not dream of calling a hairdresser to make an appointment in 3 days before a trip and expect a styling miracle…why should a good seamstress be able to/or even want to tackle this?

Besides, my magic wand is lost somewhere with my rulers and T-squares!

Before I go, I wanted to include this link to the old sewing machine song Betty Hutton sang. My dear husband told me that his mother used to sing this to him as a child and was surprised I had never heard it.

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2 Responses to Custom Coat

  1. Alethia says:

    OMG, ” The Sewing Machine Song”. I actually have that video on SMT., check it out.
    As for your sewing task, all I can say is~ I feel you…! 🙂

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