Gone for 3 days

Well last week I was invited to my brother’s wedding about 250 miles south of my sewing room. Before I left on Wednesday I left a message on my answerphone and thought everything would be OK until I returned.

The car was packed with diet drinks, Snapple, water, M&Ms, maps and ham and cheese wraps so what could go wrong? The sun was finally shining after months of rain and the freeway was clear. We stopped about 3 hours into our journey in the Redwood Forest at a ranger station to have our wraps and swap driving. Later on we stopped in Eureka for a coffee and breath of fresh air in the marina and then headed south.

Two hours later we see a huge sign that says, “Landslide no diversion”. At this point we are 12 miles from the hotel where the wedding is being held the following day. The Caltrans workman in the orange vest said that we had a couple options; one to go back and around one way which would only take another 9-11 hours OR drive the backroads (some paved, some not, some muddy, some snowy, one way and one lane bridges and some bridges with only 2 planks of wood thrown down for the tires to roll over) for another 2.5-3 hours…our choice. All this for a landslide that might take a couple days to clear if and when they could bring in the heavy equipment.

It all seemed such a big deal until we checked the internet the following day and saw this scene. We drove back up north one hour to spend the night in a Holiday Inn to decide the right path to take. The following morning we drove back down south to the last exit before the slide and drove the back roads. It was pretty scary with parts of the road washed away from heavy rains and deep ruts and grooves and the biggest potholes I have ever seen in my life!

We arrived 2 hours before the afternoon wedding and so did other people who had come various other detours so it was a welcome sight to see a tray of champagne after the ceremony to celebrate not only the marriage but all of us getting there on time and in one piece!

Now the sewing room is full of bridal and assorted goodies and custom work begging to be finished and it looks like it will be a full week with lots of night time sewing and hand finishing…oh well that is what happens when you sneak away mid week.

Wishing you safe journeys this week and no falling rocks.

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