Rain Rain Go Away!

The day has come to send the raincoat off with it’s new owner.

In this post I showed it in progress without the hood and pockets but now it is done and ready to go. Those custom pockets were inspired/copied from the original sweatshirt jacket but as I explained to the client “Not all fabric will ruch or gather and lay flat like the knit”. But at her coaxing/insistence the pockets would be the main feature on a plain black princess line coat.

Trying to figure out the exact sequence to the ruching and lining and shaping was a bear. I cut a piece of fabric 3 inches wide and double the length of the curve and it worked. When the client tried on the coat with the finished pockets she said they added weight to her hips….what else would they do? It was either have them on the side or have them in the front for a huge kangaroo pouch…not much of a choice is it?

The fabric is dull on the right side and shiny on the inside so I used the shiny side to line the hood and top stitch all the seams wherever they were flat enough and did not want to pucker. This rainproof fabric is not the easiest to work with and being polyester does not like it’s seams pressed flat…great. The cheetah lining was another story…it is a woven and shiny and for some reason likes to stretch itself out of shape so I had to attach the lining with french tacks all along the inside empire seams to keep it from drooping and drooping and allowing the hem to show below the hems of the coat. The lining hem had to be pinned and re-pinned over and over to get the length just right. Even on the sleeve linings they had to be attached at the inside and outside elbow area or they would had slid down into the wrist area and been seen below the sleeve hem…can you spell FRUSTRATED?

But, like labor pains, one forgets the severity and many hours spent huffing and puffing over the project once it is done and your label is stitched on. All I need to do now is photograph it and send my baby out into the world where it will be worn all around Europe this Spring. Half the time it will spend on it’s owner sheltering her from rain and wind and the rest of the time it will remain balled up and stuffed into a backpack. Maybe my suggestion of a double ended parka type zipper will allow her to wear it longer without having to remove it since she can sit down and just unzip the lower portion.

Wish I could have managed to get all the top-stitched seams photographed up close but again the dull black finish of the fabric just looks gritty so please use your imagination!

Any comments are welcome. I’ll be forwarding this article to Sandra Betzina since it was her Vogue pattern.

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1 Response to Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. John Yingling says:

    Nice work! I would have tried to talk her out of those ruched pockets. “Do these ruches make my hips look big? As a matter of fact, they do make you look big.”

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