Sneak Peek

In the last post I showed you all the small problem with the silk prom dress and the possible/conjured up  solution. Well some days you just have to jump right in and as Tim Gunn on Project Runway says “Make it Work”.

The “patch” was worked on, ruched, pleated and stitched down and then cut apart and attached to the center back seams:

With fingers crossed I pinned the new panels to the old seams and thankfully they matched well and then the heavy duty invisible zipper was attached.The cool thing I discovered is that you did not need a special invisible zipper foot to install the zipper. By holding down the huge teeth with my finger there was a clear path or ditch for the needle and regular zipper foot to glide along.

Thank you to another seamstress friend, Shirley, who gave me these links to the heavy duty zippers.

Now while some of you may think…”well it is not perfect and I can tell where the piece was added….OK, smarty pants…just wait for the final photo:

How about that for adding 2.5 inches wide and 8 inches high with the sash wrapped behind before it ties in a bow in the front? I think the cool thing is the client can wear this puppy and not worry about busting out of the zipper while dancing or taking a deep breath and if she chooses, she can sell the dress to someone and the patch can be removed and the zipper re-attached to the original lines and Voila’…back to normal. Nothing was removed or disturbed just “enhanced”.

Oh and for those who are wondering what the inside looks like:

Since I had cut 1.5 inches off the lining hem I was able to piece the inside lining as well and hand sew it to the zipper area so it looks as good as the outside and is smooth and comfortable to wear.

Now Cinderella can go to the ball/prom and dance the night away.

Whew…wonder what is coming in this week…oh wait…the phone is ringing….it’s another frantic prom dress request  for Friday and this one is all white lace and she wants me to lower the center back seam zipper to make a deep “V” stay tuned!

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1 Response to Sneak Peek

  1. Alethia says:

    A seamstress’ work is never done. 🙂
    We are definitely in the same field with the type of work we are getting. 🙂
    Great job on the fix.

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