One of my faithful readers wrote to me and said she was sad to not find a new article today so here is the latest commission from the sewing room, Linda.

It all started with this  article.

My long time client saw this in the Wall Street Journal and had to have this jacket. I tracked down the writer of the article and asked her to find out about the jacket. A week later she found out the designer was Hussein Chalayan and his latest collection is here.

The main object of desire was this jacket:

   and this:

Now where do we go from here? The next step was to find a current pattern that may be close to the desired jacket and decide on summer fabrics. My client wanted purple denim to try out the fit and I found this pattern:

My client found the denim she wanted and also some very satiny lining in a cheetah print (all from JoAnn’s) which seems very popular this season. The layout was the unusual opened out flat with no fold/selvedges together so each piece had to be placed just so to make sure I had enough fabric. The sleeve length was meant to be 3/4 although it did not say so. My client needed 31 1/2 inch long sleeves but the pattern measured 27. It seems that I am always telling my students that they must measure everything on the paper pattern or you will get surprises you didn’t want later.

So with the pieces cut out and serged around the edges the jacket was basted and pinned.    

Later the client came for her try-on. She was so happy that it looked almost exactly like she envisioned and the fit was roomy and long enough and even the sleeves were a little extra long so she can roll of the cuffs to show the dazzling lining. All we had to do was select button placement and pin out a little excess in the center back seam.


You can see in the front photo where the 2 buttons (From JoAnn’s) will go side by side and how wide the front facings are. Be sure to click on the photos for a larger view.

Stay tuned for the finished project!

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1 Response to Customize

  1. Alethia says:

    Great looking jacket~ I can’t believe that’s denim!

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