Motocross Barbie

Maybe some of your remember my post about Weathergirl Barbie, the bride who spent her life acquiring trophies and crowns in pageants?

Well today I got a call from Motocross Barbie with these pants. On the phone, in a very tiny little girlie voice, she said she had some pants that needed a little hemming and she had cut/whacked off what she didn’t want and they were ready to be put into a machine. Now that is a scary thought! She explained that it is awful being short and she really only rides ATVs with her boyfriend but like the gear that goes with the sport.

I asked if she found me through the internet and she said yes but that her boyfriend had only given her my phone number so she did not have the Goggle map attached to my address. I gave her the address and she made the appointment for 30 minuntes later. The next thing was a phone call from my driveway as she said she left the note with my address at home and didn’t know what house was mine. Great. I assured her that she had found the right house and to come on in.

Do you all know what a woman walks like in 5 inch stilettos? Picture a pink flamingo teetering in high heels walking up the path.

The sight of a 40 year old dyed blond woman with size zero jeans, hems frayed so much in the back it looked like 6 inches of blond hair flowing behind her shoes just made me smile. Then as she neared the door I could see her massive enhanced chest with 2 layers of a pink fluffy sweater and tank top along with long fake eyelashes. I told her she could leave her shoes at the entryway and come in with her pants.

The pants were made of very thick vinyl with huge sections of leather, thick as shoe leather, covering the inside of the legs like reverse chaps. The woman had cut off the pants and for some strange reason, also cut off the ends of the zippers near the hem. There were the zippers, just hanging there with no “stops” and if the zipper pull would be pulled down to close the opening it would have slid off into space. I asked her what she planned for the now trashed zippers and she said she would just find some “do-hickeys” to attach to the ends…OK Go Barbie.

After inspecting the rest of the hem I suggested to her that since this would require sewing through 4 layers of shoe leather folded under she might want to try a leather worker or cobbler. Thinking back it would have been the best thing to just put a binding on the raw edge and sew everything flat but there was always going to be a problem with those zippers.

She thanked me and managed to balance herself while slipping the stilettos back on for her trip back to her huge SUV parked on my driveway.

Some days you just shake your head and marvel at the ingenuity of some women to find cool guys with ATVs. But then again she was packing her own pretty extensive and expensive man attracting “gear”.

I asked my dear husband why would a woman need pants with leather on the inside of the legs and he said obviously it was for hitting the ground…I took it to mean while riding around on a motorized vehicle but I will leave that to your imagination…Ride’m Barbie!

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1 Response to Motocross Barbie

  1. Alethia says:

    OMG, I don’t kn ow how I missed this post, but I am ROTFL!!! This is hysterical! I laugh sooo hard because I have a client just like that~wow!!
    You are too fuunnneeee!!

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