Bags and Beachwear

Do you all remember the gal who wanted a “prototype” for a beach cover-up?

Well her ideas got distilled/morphed into something more normal. She arrived with 7 yards of UVB resistant fabric (100% cotton knit) and a raggedy old shrunken hoodie and asked me to make a pattern exactly like it BUT adding length to wear more as a tunic.

So with measurements of the client and the gnarly sweatshirt I made a paper pattern which included 6 sections which when cut out and sewn up totaled 13 pieces along with top stitching, twill taped seams, cover stitched hems, sleeve tabs, buttons and buttonholes…ok the works for such a “simple” beach cover-up. I lost track of how many hours I put into this little frock but here is the finished project:

       My suggestion was to have a 2 way zipper so she could just unzip the lower portion when she walked or sat down without pulling on the seams but like so many before her…this was dismissed/quashed. I wish I could get all excited over this but it is just a baggy, saggy knit robe for the beach with hours and hours of labor…ha ha.

The other fun project that wandered in was attached to a fireman who needed his Nomex work pants lengthened. It seems the wife wouldn’t let him out of the house without giving him her new raffia Coach bag that had some threads loose. Well the poor bag had some real issues with the corner reinforcements which were raveling away and each layer was gaping. Thankfully I had some perfectly matching jeans thread from Wawak and I was able to repair all the stitching. It does make you wonder how a brand new bag could start unraveling and even when she called the company they did not want anything to do with her. Whoa! If a woman drops $300 plus for a bag shouldn’t they have an answer for her?

One bright star of the week was the completion of another one of those summer essentials…the sheer jacket! It was another one of those weird silks that has issues like the one before but knowing what trouble it could cause I was prepared.

         The trick was getting the motifs to go to the right places without ending up with a huge flower on a boob or butt so the cutting out took longer than normal.

Today the phone has been ringing constantly with brides for September dates so that takes care of that part of the season, fingers crossed we don’t end up with any 11-11-2011 dates.

By the time November rolls around I sure hope I can complete some of my own summer outfits that were cut out in Feb 2011 for 2012…scary isn’t it how the year speeds along!

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1 Response to Bags and Beachwear

  1. Alethia says:

    Boy, you get all kinds of stuff…I think my head would spin off with the requests you have, lol!!

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