Cover Up 1960’s style

Do you remember back when cool old guys wandered around the pool wearing a Jantzen  knit cover-up jacket? Oh yes, those ultra-suave men could store their pack of Marlboro cigarettes in one of the 2 waist pockets and possible leave the front zipper open a bit to show their chest hair….too sexy! And those 3 rows of piping just set off the contrasting inserts so well!


Well, today a gentleman in his late 80’s showed up with just such a jacket…his”precious” from the late 50’s early 60’s with the coveted “Jantzen” label from Portland, OR. He explained that he has worn his favorite jacket so much that it is looking a bit tatty and wants it reproduced.

One side seam was completely ripped open.

This got me to thinking about famous men who would have worn this stylish jacket and Sean Connery came to mind. Yes, he did get caught up in the moment and donned a knit honey of a cover-up back then:

Isn’t that called a “romper”? Love the belt and deep pockets!

And for those of you who want to see more about men’s swimwear (and who doesn’t?) through the ages here is a good link with photos. I also found this on an Etsy site selling another version for that pool scene. Imagine only $13 for a piece of  history?    

For those super cool Kool-Aid moms and wives you could also whip up one of these lounge jackets for your deserving son or cherished husband.

All the companies like Jantzen and Catalina produced ads for these jackets.

So despite having Bridal and Formal wear alterations on my business card I seem to attract just about everything else this summer.

Wishing you some shade and a cool drink while the country seems to be baking.

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3 Responses to Cover Up 1960’s style

  1. Wanda says:

    Yes, I remember those jackets! You are just too funny! Who couldn’t love a guy with all that chest hair sticking out! lol Thanks for making me smile today.

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  3. Margo Labrie says:

    You’ve outdone yourself here. Nice.

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