Made in the Shade

You will remember the 60’s pool jacket that needed to be reproduced and today is it finished. Making the pattern and measuring everything and gathering the notions together was easy but finding French stretch terry in a rural area….now that’s the problem.

It took almost 3 weeks but my order from Fashion Fabrics Club finally arrived this week. I know the Grandpa client was wanting it to wear to a pool party/wedding soon.

Here is the finished garment:

   It turned out pretty nice and like many things sewn by real seamstresses, the seams are all serged and trimmed and taped and zippers lay flat.

I have 2 examples of the zipper insertion…one is the factory and the other is mine:

   Mine was inserted using navy thread for a start and also the jacket front edge that is turned inside as a facing was serged first and then the zipper edge was stitched flush with it in navy thread as well. Then the entire unit was folded inside and stitched ever so close to the white serged edge using white thread top and bottom at it became top stitching on the outside. Compared to the factory/sloppy technique with loose serging done in white and no top stitching to hold the zipper flat it’s a no brainer!

Other changes that were made was eliminating 3 rows of piping, using only one and making the pocket a bit wider to allow sunglasses or cell phone instead of a pack of Marlboros.

All the fabrics and piping were pre-shrunk and interfacing applied to center front to stabilize the zipper area and folded top of the pockets so they don’t stretch out. The shoulder seams were taped and top stitched flat.

The client is coming over this afternoon to pick it up so that is an additional thing to celebrate as my hubby is flying home today after 2.5 weeks away for his daughter’s wedding in Croatia. So my job is to make sure the fridge is stocked with his favorite comfort foods while he is jet-lagged. At least now I will have someone to help me eat all the bounty from the veggie garden and buy a new ceiling fan for my sewing room since mine gave up the ghost this week in 98 degree weather.

Wishing you cooler weather and projects that look fantastic on completion!

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1 Response to Made in the Shade

  1. Alethia says:

    “…pretty nice…?” You did a fantastic job, better than the factory! I do believe that this will not be the last time that you here from this gentleman, lol! Very Impressive job!

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