Where have the boobs gone?

As most of you know I sew for many different sized clients and this week I decided to splurge on a new mannequin.

It had been 30 years since I bought one and as women have become larger I thought ordering another Adjustoform with bust measurements from 39 inches to 47 would be perfect. After all, I already had one and I could use the older one for larger women with some additional batting as padding. So how hard would it be to go on line and order?

The prices ranged from $178 down to $99 so I went with the cheapest version of identical models. Within 2 days my new mannequin arrived from Allbrands in Baton Rouge, LA. It was pretty exciting knowing that  she was loaded on the UPS truck yesterday morning. But as our UPS delivery man usually hits our house around dinner time I could imagine her being whisked around town in a hot truck wishing she was in our cool house safe and sound. Eventually she was delivered and removed from her cardboard home.

What a shock it was to see that she had very little left of her breasts and what was there had “slipped” due to gravity. Where my previous grey mannequin of the 80’s had larger perky boobs, this poor girl had succumb to the aging process. I got out my tape measure to confirm this dilemma.


Then after dialing in similar measurements of a 39 inch bust on all 4 dials I measured her bust and found that even though she was flatter, she gained an inch.


After reading the description on the directions they explain that these dimensions are made so they cover a wide range of sizes and all I could think about was a wide range of genders as well and my mind flashed to this scenario:


My new dear mannequin can be any gender!

Further along in the directions they show how since they have now slimmed down the once curvy hips to a more mannish physique you can purchase separate bundles of foam rubber to pad out your dress form to resemble whatever type of body you require…how clever of them.

     You see this could be a man’s back and the fact that this new model provides for side mounting you can slip a pair of pants on it too without having the pole running up through the middle.

My husband was listening to my laments/bitching about the lack of shape for my new dress form when I read down to the last line on the directions…it read Made in England.

Now it all made sense! During my 8 years of living there most British women described themselves as the basic “pear shape” with dropping boobs and this is exactly what I got in this model. This is no Cougar!

So the moral of this story is…if you want perky boobs on your dress form…search out the older grey models as the red ones have morphed into some androgynous version.

Wishing you a cool weekend while I tackle the 5 wedding dresses that arrived this week all for the date of Sept 3…photos to come, stay tuned!

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1 Response to Where have the boobs gone?

  1. Alethia says:

    Wow, “moobs”, LOL! This was very interesting to read. Thanks for sharing.

    And, looks like your hands are full, as were mine a few weeks ago. I just delivered my last wedding dress today.

    I pray you have a great weekend, and HAPPY sewing, hee-hee!

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