Labor Day Specials

Who would imagine that 4 brides would show up wanting alterations for their big day…all Sept 3.

Here they are hanging up in various stages of completion so you can click on the thumbnails:


The back of one of them had to be made into a corset back so here is that photo as well:


It was one of those heavily beaded gowns that refused to let me stitch the corset loops in by machine so hand sewing was using. People wonder why it takes 4 hours? A modesty panel was also added which had been boned and lined with cotton fabric for comfort in these hot days.

The bustle was very heavy so I opted for a metal button instead of a self-covered one. The bride selected this ornate one which really matched the dress well and since the bustle was going to be attached on the outside unlike the others done in the French style under the dress.

Then every dress was needing a bustle and here are the other 3:


All these brides wanted that vintage look that a French bustle gives and with so many ruffles and pick-ups they all looked like mounds of whipped cream.

Next week I tackle a second time bride and her daughter’s matching dress that was bought 4 sizes too big just because it matched in color and style. It involves taking in the side seams a total of 8 inches along with the lining and hemming all 4 layers of hems and petticoats 4 inches and shortening straps…can you spell “Total Remake“?

Wishing all you seamstresses stress free days and only co-operative brides!


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4 Responses to Labor Day Specials

  1. Roz Warg says:

    You should write a book on all these complicated alterations you have to concoct!

  2. Marie says:

    Oh Mrs. Mole, you always make me laugh! Do you ever have any time to yourself?

  3. Alethia says:

    You have been quite busy, wow! Beautiful job on all dresses!

  4. Tiina says:

    I empathize with your plight! Amazing how four sizes seem so trite, especially when the sales girl says, ” it’s a simple alteration!” More power to you Mrs. Mole!

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