Reddy, Set, Re-make

It was bound to happen just when I was coming to grips with the 4 bridal dresses someone would call with an emergency.

The sad story goes like this:

A woman says her daughter who is a student in another state has just received her new dress to wear in her friend’s wedding. It was ordered off the internet, click here, and it does not fit. Is this a surprise?

It reminded me of Betty Boop but neither the mother nor daughter would be old enough to relate to it but I found this little doll that made me smile.

I am told that all I have to do it …add those triangle thingies….she mentions “Gussets” and everything will be OK. Then she adds that she is a mucky muck with people at a local college who work in costumes and they surely would be able to make this simple adjustment but for a week no one has returned her phone calls….hmmmm.

Then she also states that she has called all the other seamstresses in town and no one has called her back….well seeing as it is Thursday afternoon and she wants the dress by Sunday morning maybe this is the reason? Seeing as the daughter is now in town, can she come over for a fitting?

Of course, I say, I have nothing else pressing.

To start with the fitting the girl states that she is wearing the wrong bra and it is a huge push-up variety. Like we have no clue that more bust circumference is not what we are going for…jeez.

She tries the dress on and the zipper only slides up to her waist and then there is a huge gap. Also the back length along the zipper is 2 inches too long. The mother informs me that I can fix that in a jiffy….really an invisible zipper in a lined dress is that simple?

Then I manage to get a piece of tan fabric to fill the gap, pin it in place and draw out a template of the shape and dimension that will be needed to be added to the side seams so this puppy will be able to be zipped closed.

See below:


Here is the shape of 2 triangles (6 inches wide) that will be inserted after adding seams allowances down the middle section and cut apart. Luckily I was able to harvest fabric from the 2 huge side seams pockets for the outside and lining.

Being a nice person and fairly compromising I say that I can get this job done by Sunday morning but I will need the girl back for a fitting after basting in all the sections and zipper and skirt before I machine stitch and can she come back Saturday…OH NO she says I have another wedding to attend while I am in town. WHAT? When am I supposed to squeeze this in?

She finally says well maybe she can come before the wedding that morning as long as I will be finished the next morning when she travels back to her other home. Great…I feel blessed/like a boob but this is the best this girl will give me.

She explains that the bride being an artist in her own mind had decided that every one of her bridesmaids should be a different color and texture and vintage because she had a vision of a “montage” at her wedding. All the other girls will have different dresses, fabrics and motifs and aren’t we lucky this girl got saddled with a tiny red polka dot dress for her part in this artist’s creation? At this point I am thinking “Montage my A**” but I just smile and agree with her.

Here are how things have progressed…remember it is now 24 hours after the babe dropped off this tiny dress. Please click on the photos to read the descriptions.


I have to remove 2 inches from the back length. Here are the basted panels.


The basted panel of the lining and the amount I will cut away from the back adding a seam allowance.


Cut away section and the final basted version keeping the original waistline dart free as it may turn into a released tuck later.

   The basted panel from the outside in the side seam.

Notice that there is no piping in this back waistline seam as adding over 6 inches will not allow for that. The client said it did not matter, thank God for small favors!

So dear readers, that’s my little rush job for the day but the good news is…

Yesterday I made an order with my favorite company Wawak and the products arrived 24 hours later. Here is my order:

                                                             A whole box of boobs!!!!

A bridal seamstress can go through a whole lot of these babies in a season!

Also in the order are lovely padded hangers $8 for six. Cheap enough to give out to custom clothes clients when they spend over $90 on a new garment.

Have a super weekend….

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3 Responses to Reddy, Set, Re-make

  1. Alethia says:

    Lawd…! What do people want from us, lol! “It’s just so simple…”, uh huh.
    I just turned down a job today. The woman was referred to me by a mutual friend. This is what she said. ” I bought this dress on line from a chinese co. The dress runs small… I need the dress for 9/17. I took the dress to another alterations shop. They wanted to charge me $250,they said they would have to completely open up the dress to fix it…( sounds like re-making it,hmm). I paid a whole lot of money to have it shipped to me. Can you fix it for me for less than $250?”
    I told her no. I told her that I’m going on vacation and I’m not going to be able to do it. She says, “Not for the 17th?” I said NO. Why would I want to subject myself to that when she didn’t want to pay the other alterations shop what they felt they were worth? Remaking it? Come on…un un, not this sistah….

  2. Alethia says:

    BTW, you did a grea job on this dress. 🙂
    I’m really glad you tipped me onto Wawak, they have some really good prices…better than Atlanta thread in most cases.

  3. causeiwanna says:

    I’m just shaking my head. I don’t sew for other people because my skill level isn’t that great yet but then again I don’t know if I would. The dress looks wonderful and I hope they showered you with praise for the miracle you pulled off.

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