Blue Boo-Hoo

Another non-sewing client found me through a friend and brought along this Simplicity pattern.

OK, so of all these garments in the envelope all she wants is the jacket. The jacket will be worn over a solid blue dress for her granddaughter’s wedding. She purchased the sheer fabric from JoAnn’s, our only fabric store and everything seems doable…then the bombshell.

Yes, she says, “I want this exact jacket but Without the princess seams, facings or sleeve flounce. I want all the edges bound in the same fabric and I want the sleeves lengthened, a sway back adjustment, a dowager’s hump adjustment and an invisible front closure and French seams.”

You can see that it is a sheer fabric but with metallic hairy bits woven into the right side in waves of blue and aqua.


It seems that she interviewed/grilled another seamstress in the area whom I don’t know and when she got to her house the woman said her sewing machine was over 25 years old and it would not sew her sheer fabric but then she went on to make all these suggestions for the next seamstress in line. Don’t you just love that when a client comes in with a laundry list of things she wants on her garment without a clue as to how much labor this involves?

The other interesting thing was the other seamstress’ workspace could only be described as “the filthiest worse dump I have ever seen” by my client and she was so glad to be turned away in the end. Makes me wonder what the real story was and maybe the first sewer got a good whiff of the bad attitude/total control this woman was projecting.

After listening to all the needs/wants of the client I quoted her a cheap price since she was referred by a fellow sewer.

Two hours labor is not a lot of time to have to make pattern adjustments, cut out a slippery sheer fabric, construct using French seams, cut out bias binding from the remnants, bind the edges, make some sort of “invisible” closure and turn a princess line jacket pattern into a well fitting jacket with no visible seams front or back.

She also said I would have to be very careful as the wavy lines were not straight and they were “directional”. I said directional means they are like wallpaper with an defined up and a down and this fabric did not fit that criteria.The client told me that it was simple enough and that I could just pin all the seams together and then just make it all one flat piece….has anyone tried this? After sewing for 40 years for clients and earning a degree in Fashion Design this must have never come my way.

Another thing she asked me was what kind of scissors would I be using on her fabric and I said “dressmakers shears” and she recommended that I cut out the entire jacket using pinking shears as she thinks it will ravel. I told her that I use regular scissors for accuracy and unless I run around the house swinging her jacket in the air I didn’t think that fabric would ravel and if it did I have sergers that would handle that. You know you would not tell your hairdresser what scissors to use or what razor cut to use or your dentist what tool to use…what gives her the right/cojones to dictate that to me?

She was under the impression that 2 hours was WAY too long to work on this jacket and balked at the price and then said “well I guess I have no other choice”. Yes dearie, you do have a choice, you can take your fabric and try to find another hardworking seamstress who will put up with these requests/demands and do it in an hour.

I was so frustrated/down right pissed at being told how to do my job that this morning I just cut the darn thing out and basted it together minus the bias binding. It took more than two hours from the start but I am sticking to my price and hopefully will never deal with this controlling woman again.

Yesterday after discussing all the plans for the jacket she hands me the pattern envelope and proclaims “I have even done you a big favor and cut out the paper pattern ahead of time. I figure I am a perfect size 14 so that is what I cut.” I don’t know if she thought I would reduce the price of the labor but hey cutting out a paper pattern just doesn’t rank that high!

Well after measuring her and checking the finished with ease measurements of the paper pattern she is somewhere between a 16 on top and an 18 in the hips. But I just nodded and agreed with her ladyship and told her it would  look beautiful and then she dropped the second bomb….”Well, I will never wear this jacket again so it just does not matter.”

Here’s a little hint to all my readers: NEVER tell your seamstress this!

Would you tell your dental hygienist that you will not be brushing your teeth again after she just scaled and flossed them? Would you tell your hairstylist that you would not be washing or brushing your hair again after she had spent an hour getting it just right? What sense does this make? One word comes to mind: CONTROL!

I will share with you the just basted jacket so far without the binding. Please click on the thumbnail for a closer look.

  People ask me all the time if I make these stories up and I reiterate over and over…NO ONE has to make up these stories…these are live clients who walk among us and breed. In fact I downplay and leave out many other aspects of the encounters in my sewing room but believe me I wish I could name names! Ha Ha.

Wishing you all a super labor Day weekend!

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2 Responses to Blue Boo-Hoo

  1. Alethia says:

    OMG, LMBO~ typical, typical, typical!! I believe there’s a secret society of A-list, piss off the seamstress sorors, LOL! Why must they be that way?!?!?!?!!

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