From Panties to Parkas

As the bridal season winds down an unusual array of things find their way to my front door.

This week it was a woman’s blouse that had the added feature of elastic panties attached with the dreaded “snap crotch”. Oh yes there are still a few of these 1970’s dinosaurs out there. This particular honey was shown to me and I was told it would be simple to repair as all that had happened was the fabric around the cheap and nasty plastic female side snap components had frayed away. Yes, dear….when the vajayjay has frayed away there is only one thing to do…replace it with grosgrain ribbon and re-attach the snaps thus adding many years of crotch grabbing happiness to a well worn blouse.

While attending to another client the doorbell rings and my DH opens the door to see some guy standing there with 2 huge parkas expecting to be let in. He is told that I only see people by appointment and he muscles his way in telling my husband that he “has been here before”. So that is his ticket in?

Ten minutes later I usher my client out and find this huge guy in my living room. I did work for him about a year ago altering some huge sweatpants and jumbo flannel jackets that had ripped with the force only a huge beer belly can exert on zippers and pockets and side seams when sitting down with pockets stuffed with all sorts of “man gear”. So here we have 2 more winter parkas with ripped zippers and linings and a sad story about needing them sooner rather than later. Seeing as the temps that day were over 90 I didn’t see this as a rush job for sure. The parkas need metal zippers to replace their wimpy plastic ones so I ordered them from Wawak as not even JoAnn’s carries zippers longer than 28 inches and I needed 30 and 36.

After my last blog I received a nice comment from a gentleman from Calico Corners informing me that they are still in business . Maybe you saw his comment at the bottom of the day. He offered his services to me anytime I need a special item not available in my area….which just about covers most things living in a rural area.

Another comment/question I received privately was “Don’t you have any nice clients?” Yes, I do have a real family of great customers who come regularly to drop off Carlisle and Doncaster clothes along with thrift store buys for alterations and plenty of gals who want custom clothes made…but…it is the other type that make good blogs so I don’t always include them.

One example of a nice client is the one I have been making those chiffony jackets for and here is another one made for another client who spied and tried on one when she was in my sewing room having a mother of the groom dress made earlier. She dashed out to buy herself 2 years of silk so she could have her own.

Below is a photo of the back before the final narrow hemming and the finished front with the hemming. The narrow hemming is quite tedious to do with stitching about 3/8 from the edge with cotton embroidery thread as a turning tool, then trimming the edge to 1/4 inch or less and turning the thread stitching to the inside and using about a hundred pins to hold everything flat before machine stitching. The result is a curly lettuce edge which really adds some zing! You remember the other blog where I first showed these.

And before I leave you for a weekend of sewing (what else!) I did finish that other blue sheer jacket with the 1/2 inch binding and that client who knew way more about sewing than I obviously did should be by next week to pick it up. Last time she tried it on and looked in the mirror she exclaimed, “Well it will HAVE to do”…was I offended? Heck no, she was disappointed that her choice of cheap JoAnn’s fabric did not look like she expected but the sewing was not the issue.

Be sure to click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

Hope your weekend includes some time to relax and enjoy cooler weather!

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2 Responses to From Panties to Parkas

  1. Alethia says:

    The characters we get, um,um, um! Some people are NEVER satisfied….
    I hope you have a restful weekend,too!

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