Half and Half

Well it was bound to happen with such strong football rival teams in Oregon, someone would be torn between them for the next “Civil War” playoff.

A woman who supports both teams came to me and asked if I could split 2 team jerseys down the middle and re-attach them so she could root for both teams at the same time. Does any of this makes sense?

But as usual I was up for the challenge/really stupid and agreed to do it. She wanted the number “1”s (which were not the same size) cut in half and stitched together but after looking at the thick vinyl I decided to do it a different way. The neck edges also posed a problem as we are not talking about plain old garden variety cotton t-shirts. These puppies were mitered and of course embroidered inside and thick.


In the photos you can see the faint blue line of chalk marked down the center of the front and backs as it will require 2 rows if straight stitching before I cut them apart to prevent stretching. In order to preserve the number 1, I released each one and flipped it up to mark behind the vinyl.

  Then the sections are cut apart between the 2 rows of stitching and attached to the other color and the seams are serged.

                    The back neck area was only sewn up to the binding and then flipped down and satin stitched. 

It keeps everything from raveling and stabilizes that area for pulling over your head.

Now we are ready to pin the number down and stitch zigzag all around the lime green edge and also the grey edge…great a double feature.

  Here is the inside after zigzag stitching all the colors. Hopefully everything is secure and just needs pressing.

The woman did tell me that once the 2 team jerseys were done she would be giving one to a male friend who works with her. My husband said that no self-respecting man would want to wear a half and half  jersey to a game…maybe he is right?

So, if someone comes to you with this proposition…tell them no.

A little tip for you this week…I saw someone has re-used the tops of glass candles jars as pattern weights on a blog and that got me to thinking. If you use those Clover chalk triangles like I do you need something to store them in so here is what I have been using:

Have a super week eating what’s left of your Halloween candy!

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