Taking Some Time Off

Due to a minor inconvenience called a Tailor’s bump, I have to have surgery tomorrow to have my little toe bone shaved down and a pin inserted to straighten it out. Now, I have waited 6 years to have this done and in that time the bone has angled itself 12 degrees away from the rest of the bones and I guess 6 degrees is cause for surgery. Great. Six years ago I had the big toe of the same left foot done so thankfully it is not my working foot for sewing and driving.

My clients have been told to wait until March to bring their bridal gowns etc. over and I have 4 great seamstress friends (thank you to Joyce, Jzionna, Shirley and Tina) who will get any stragglers who need hems during the next 3 weeks. But I wanted to share what I have received this week and what I worked on for me…OMG…something for myself?

Last week I was called to do a fitting consultation on a very upscale bridal gown in a new salon in town. I was there an hour discussing the fit and shape and bustle possibilities before the bride ordered her gown from NY. The owner of the salon sent me these flowers as a thank you gift.  It was very nice of her and for once the roses really smell great and the hyacinths are very sweet too.

Then after waiting a while, my DH hung some much needed hooks over the closet doors for the huge gowns and some thread racks for my serger threads.

OK, so I have lots of serger thread and 3 sergers but I don’t like to spend valuable time changing colors and my two 30 year old Bernette 334Ds are loaded with white, black and tan thread most of the time and ready to go.

In the middle is my latest Bernina 1150 serger that does a cool 2 thread stitch. The other cool machine on the left is a humidifier that we bought at Costco. It does not require a paper filter and cleans the air and water electronically and is totally silent. Sewing rooms can be very dry and dusty so this helps in the winter. Last year my DH put up a wall of 4 racks for my other threads for embroidery and cup hooks for the scissors.

Since there are no clients coming for a while it gives me a chance to finally cut something out for myself and play around. This is Butterick 5390 tunic.

It had a very deep V in front which I cut 2 inches higher since I am not one to layer camisoles under clothes as suggested in the pattern envelope. Even after doing that the neck was way too revealing so I made one inch bias tubes and attached them to fill in. The floral tunic will eventually get the same treatment. I plan on making some leggings to go underneath for crawling around on the floor pinning hems and bustles.  Pretty basic and roomy but that is what is needed with clients who take 1-1.5 hours with their first fitting. And this pattern actually had a side bust dart that fit. All I did were my normal alterations for sway back, rounded back and added a center back seam to save on fabric during the cutting out.


Hoping your weather where you live is mild and you get some time this week to buy new fabrics and think about Spring sewing. I’ll be here with my feet up – reading, eating and doing much needed organizing of my business expenses (notions, presser feet, books and DVDs) on the laptop before my DH does the taxes and wearing this boot:

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8 Responses to Taking Some Time Off

  1. Alethia says:

    My prayers go out to you as you have this procedure. May you have a speedy recovery.
    That was very sweet of the bridal shop owner to show her appreciation in that way. 🙂
    Your tops are very nice…I need to make me some casual and business clothes.
    Take care and get plenty of rest. 🙂

  2. mrsmole says:

    Thank you, Alethia. You know what it must be like not getting your hands into fabric for a while…frustrating! At least in the end I will be able to wear real shoes again instead of elastic ones or slippers! Losing that bump will be a relief from constant pain and swelling! Alleluia!

  3. theresa says:

    Good luck! I can only imagine how painful having that evil bump must be. Good riddance even if it does mean wearing a funny looking walking boot. Maybe some interesting cover-ups for it???How nice to have sent such pretty and sweet smelling flowers. Love the tunics too.

  4. sacurveruler.wordpress.com says:

    I hope you have a speedy recovery. I have one of those bumps too. I like your bias tubes to help with the revealing neckline. I will have to remember to do that. Take care!

    • mrsmole says:

      Thank you, Claire. I hope your foot allows you to still wear regular shoes. The bias tubes look sort of stylish without filling in that area completely.

  5. Barbara says:

    I’m just now reading your posts…..I’m slow. I hope that you are well on your road to recovery and that your toe feels so much better. I really like what you did with the tunic deep “V” very original and stylish.

  6. rustybobn says:

    Great idea for fixing that neckline! Thanks.

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